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Segnavia: n. 2

Gaino-Ponte Camerate- Palazzo di Archesane- rifugio Pirlo mt 1.165

Starting from Palazzo Archesane, it's 40 min trip to Passo Spino and Rifugio Pirlo. Then you can either reach mount Pizzocolo (see the itinerary Rifugio Pirlo- Monte Pizzocolo mt 1582) or go back to Palazzo.


Segnavia n. 22

Rifugio Pirlo- Monte Pizzocolo mt. 1.582 – S. Urbano Segnavia 5- 23- 5 – 6

Starting from Rifugio Pirlo you get to the top of mount Pizzocolo, just through the meadows (“Prae”) for about 2 hrs. A breathtaking view, even more enjoyable on clear and bright days. Loc. Pontesela- Campei di Fondo mt 793 – Campei di Mezzo – Campei di Cima mt 1017.


Segnavia n. 3

From Campei di Cima you can reach the Passo Spino refuge via the path of Lodron

From Campei di Cima to Rifugio Passo Spino through the path of the Lodron. From Campei di Cima down to Passo della Fobbiola, up south-east towards the refuge. About 2hrs


Special itinerary

The “Bassa Via del Garda”

It's about one hundred km from Salò to Limone, tracked by Azienda Regionale Foreste some years ago. Enjoy the unique view through valleys and cliffs where the coast and the inland merge to create a very inspirational path. You can do it all at once or make it a 5 step journey spending the nights out and having refreshing stops along the way.


From Salò a Toscolano in Valle delle Cartiere to Gaino
From Valle delle Cartiere/ Gaino to Gargnano
From Gargnano to Oldesio
From Gardola to Voltino
From Voltino to Limone

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