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When kin
souls meet

I wanted a business that could support me financially so that I would live here where my heart is. I thought about horse riding because it calls for a sustainable tourism and it allows me to live up my dream.
What I mostly appreciate about horses is their dedication. I am sure they somehow know they are a part of a project that consists in working with me, side by side. Those who remain with me are the ones that love to do what I do and we get along very well.
The horses who didn't like the work were sent to special places where other people could take care of them and they are free to be themselves.

Life in the stables
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Respect and

My relationship with my horses is a special one, they share with me long working hours and recognize me as their leader because together we have unique experiences and ride through enchanted territory that leaves us speechless.
It's sharing the beauty that bonds us and that is why I ask our guests to learn to listen to the horse and to the energy of the places he/she will take you.
The horse is a Being that requires our full attention and care, not some mechanical contraption to launch at full speed.

Here's what we do
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Lifelong travel companions: Rebecca and David

I sold Rebecca and took her to a horse paradise because a family wanted her for their daughter.
After couple of months I went back to see her. Rebecca was in a paddock hundred meters far from me. I was leaning on the fence talking to the owner of the Riding School, she was telling me about how good she was. Suddenly, I saw the woman's eyes get widened and I heard the footsteps of a horse.
I turned around only to see Rebecca who recognized my voice and came to show me how happy she was to see me.
I was very moved.
The end of the story? Well, I got Rebecca back and kept her until our ways parted.


David was a gift because he was at the end of his working years. He was special for children.
He was 30 when this episode happened. I went for a day-long ride with a group of adults and children and David was carrying a little girl, he was in shape and he could do that. David was walking behind another horse who suddenly got scared by a man who was working in the woods.
The horse backed off pushing poor David down a hill and the little girl got her leg stuck underneath the horse.
David managed to kept his balance so he didn't press on the little one. It took me what it felt like forever to free the girl, but it was really at least 15 minutes.
We were shocked, but as soon as I reached out for the girl, David – who perfectly understood the situation – got up and got back on the track by himself.
He literally had kept himself quiet for all of that time because he knew – if he had reacted – he could have hurt the little kid.
I felt very, very touched by David's behavior then and I get emotional even these days whenever I get the chance to tell this story.
I love you David.

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Lessons for everybody

Instructors of horse riding are at your disposal for private or collective lessons in both the rod and the rectangle. You'll learn to build trust between you and the horse and find your balance on the saddle, safely and stress free.
Trekking a cavallo

Horse trekking

The horses are “maremmani” or “arabian-maremmani” breed, equipped to be the strongest and well-trained horses to ride on challenging paths. They make the perfect companions for exploring the inland of the “Garda bresciano”. Every tour is masterfully thought-out in order to enjoy nature beauties, traditions of the territory and history. Adventure is the name of the game!
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You don't have to be an expert

The horse tracks we made are highly safe and secure in order to allow the best experience even to those who never rode a horse, so that they can join us for the horse rides. Our horses are “safety pro's” because wonderfully trained and very smart.

And if you don't like horse riding...

If you're passionate about trekking, mountain bike or e-bike you'll surely have fun by choosing the best ways through the valleys and the hills overlooking the lake, woods and rocks (up to 200mt), small villages, olive tree fields and beaches. All the paths are very well taken care of, so they're safe to go on to.

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